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A survival bushcraft camping weekend a few years ago

Discussion in 'North East' started by fishingwalkies, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. fishingwalkies

    fishingwalkies Slightly Addicted

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    As most of you are aware I am dead keen on my survival/bushcraft, and take any oppurtunity I can to live out in the wild with next to nothing in the way of luxury.

    of course common sense dictates that I must take water (for emergencies), but where I am going more or less decides my kit.

    One item that always comes with me is my Ex military DPM basha, useful due to the speed in which these things can be thrown up to create a waterproof shelter, get you out of the wind, to provide a bit of comfort. The basha is basically a strong, water resistant (in a fashion) sheet of material with eyelets down its sides and some handy loops down its centre seam.

    Pitching a basha can be done in a variety of ways, using bungees (the type you use on a car roof rack to hold stuff down)
    para cord/string/rope through its eyelets etc
    pegged down using the pegs that usually come with one
    or using a webtex pole

    The following pictures show 2 bashas erected using pegs down the sides and a length of cord down the centre seam to build an A frame (tent style) shelter, the reason we erected like this was there was a cold but slow wind coming from the rear of camp and we didnt want this to enter the basha at night making us cold. The fronts of the basha face onto the fire so the heat radiates back into the basha helping keep warm.

    Incidentally one of the fellas in the picture is Raym ears, who is a member on here.

    The weekend in question that these photos come from, our camp is in a woodland where public tend to walk their dogs a lot, and we are but 15mtrs from the main track, and some people never even noticed we were there, 07052008007.jpg 07052008008.jpg 07052008010.jpg 07052008011.jpg 08052008012.jpg the fella in the green softie is Raym ears, the other fella is a mate that came to visit one night...............completely unprepared, the young lad laid down in the pic is my lad he was 6 in this pic and stayed with us for our last night for his first bushy experience, I dont know whether you can notice but for that night I changed the shelter slightly, opened the front up and built the sides with branches and leaves etc for insulation for him to make it even more snug. He sleeps in a 4 season gelert mummy bag that is rated down to -10c so plenty warm for him,

    Kit was fairly minimal, a few tinned rations for 3 meals a day, (Pilchards/spam/stews/bread/water)

    Hope this gives you a "little" taster as to what to expect from bushcraft,

    cheers......................P.S Im behind the camera, !!!!!!!
  2. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member Site Donor

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    looks like a good time was had by all mate :)
  3. Cavatina

    Cavatina Extremely Talkative

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    Nice one mate. enjoyed that read, I'm looking forward to my first Bushy in a long while. Roll on 2nd February. Geoff.:hp-beer:.