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Any one in Leicester, Notts or Derby area

Discussion in 'Bushcraft Chat' started by megga, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. megga

    megga Extremely Talkative

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    As i am so new to this i still have my afterbirth on :) and all the meets seem to be miles away, i was wondering if any one is down this patch of blighty, so i can gain some experiance.
    Could be a camp out, walk to show me some skills, or even a beer???

    So a bit about me, as blind dates are not my thing lol
    42, done air gun hunting, i skin gut and cook what i shoot (only at hom on the cooker so far) Managed to navagate my way through a wood with a compass (first time i have ever used one)
    I did make a fire in the snow (these are big things to me)
    I think the best way to learn is from experiance.
  2. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member Site Donor

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    its a shame your not closer to us mate ....still you can look forward to the summer bushy meet mate :)