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anyone ever

Discussion in 'The Campfire' started by bigzitt, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. bigzitt

    bigzitt Slightly Addicted

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    so i knew i was goin on bushy so didn't shave me ed for 2 weeks for extra warmth. i've been shaving it to the wood for last 17yrs. but i've decided to let it grow, but............

    i sweat like a pig in bed, me pillows and sheets are soaking, and when i turn over its like i've wet the bed:mad:.

    what i wanna know is .......is it just me, or has anyone else grew their hair back from nowt and had the same problem.

    i'm gonna grow some dreads by the way, :eek: (its a mid-life crisis thingy)
  2. stephenjames213

    stephenjames213 Technical Support

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    I get the same thing mate but i wake up all night long with a wet face and neck from it the feel all nasty the next day , so i shave my head 2 imes a week now to keep it away;)
  3. Ian

    Ian Site Manager Staff Member

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    Cant't say I ever suffer from that unless I'm ill but as an outdoor worker and person I do notice when my hair gets cut short. I was trying to let it grow long for the winter but the missus forced a grade 3 on me last weekend before we went to a posh hotel:rolleyes:

    One thing you can rely on though, if I ever do get my hair cut short it will always be just before the weather goes really cold! Its like my hair is controlling the weather sometimes:eek:
  4. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member Site Donor

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    i hope to see you with dreads at the next few meets ian:) couse if it rains it will be your fault:D