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Basic 1 person & 4-6 persons first-aid kit

Discussion in 'First Aid' started by stephenjames213, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. stephenjames213

    stephenjames213 Technical Support

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    Basic 1 person kit

    This is as light as kits will get. This will take care of most problems you
    May come across. Pack this kit in a small dry sack.
    · 3 Gel dressings (Spenco 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] skin with adhesive dressing or j & j dressings.)
    · 4 Ibuprofen (200mg tablets for pain, inflammation , fever.)
    · 4 Decongestant-antihistamine tablets ( tavist-d, Actifed or any thing eqvialent.)

    Basic 4-6 persons kit
    This basic kit should last a two-week trip for 4-6 people and be adequate ,
    From self experience I can say most of the bandages will be used in the early part of your trip, the medication seems to be required at a later date.
    When you start to spend a lot more time out in the bush/field you will learn subsequent trips adjust the quantities of items to match your experience.

    You will need to keep the kit in a larger dry sack.

    · 5 2x2 spyroflex blister dressings ( these are ideal to replace band-aids, stiches, and coverings of any sort. They cause blood to clot, water-resistant.)
    · 1 sam splint-malleable aluminium/foam splint.
    · 13 elastic bandage for sprains, contusions, holding splints.
    · 14 elastic bandage.
    · 6 pairs of medic gloves.
    · 6 iodine antiseptic wipes.
    · 4 3x3 gauze pads
    · X2 tweezers
    · Tube dibucaine ointment for itchy parts.
    · Tube of antibiotic ointment
    · Box of laxatives
    · Diarrehea tablets
    · Meclizine for nausea
    · X2 box of ibuprofen
    · 1 box of antithistamine tablets( tavist-d or stated in 1 person basic kit)
    · 1 box of Benadryl for cough suppression,muscle spasam
    · 1 sawyer extractor

    Get to know your kit and the skills to use it and you will work ut what you need and what you don’t need depending on the place and type of activity you will be doing on you day-week out.