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billy cans

Discussion in 'Kit Chat' started by Matt, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member Site Donor

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    most sets cost around £10-£15 but your flashy man will pay around £25-£40 for the name glued on to the cheap tins....

    You can pick up the tins on most camping site,shops and makets they all so sell them on ebay ..... View attachment 39

    quick detail on what you get
    Six piece polished aluminium Billy Tin Nesting Set perfect for bushys. The 3 Frying pans have folding handles and double up as pot lids and the 3 pots have bail style handles. When packed away this Billy Cans all fits together inside the large pot and can then be stored in the Codura bag supplied with the Billy Tin Set great for saving space when bushying! Billy Can Set Includes 1 x Nylon Codura Storage Bag 1 x Large 6 Pint Pot, 7" diameter 5" deep 1 x Medium 4 Pint Pot, 6" diameter 4.5" deep 1 x Small 2 Pint Pot, 5" diameter 4" deep 1 x Large Frying pan pot lid, 7" diameter 2" deep 1 x Medium Frying pan pot lid, 6" diameter 2" deep 1 x Small Frying pan pot lid, 5" diameter 2" deep Total Billy Can Set Weight: 780 gms

    this is a great way to cook a slap up meal when out in the field , no pains in the ass about bringing 3 pots that take up all your space in your bag you can clip the codura bag on to you bergen etc