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Breakfast for the winter bushcraft event 25/10/12---28/10/12

Discussion in 'South West' started by stephenjames213, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. stephenjames213

    stephenjames213 Technical Support

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    If all the guys coming to this event would like to take part in breakfast? there are a couple things you will need to bring i will chuck a list at the bottom of this post, this makes it easy and cheaper for all those coming.

    It will happen 1 way
    1. I/staff will cook breakfast for every one each day and each team will then take it in tern to wash up.

    You will all need to bring:
    x1 6 pack of eggs
    x2 tins of beans
    x2 tins of toms
    X6 sausages
    x2 packs of bacon

    This list is for pp

    If you please you can bring extras or other bits you would like for this important meal,, remember guys you dont have to break the bank for the items..