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Bushcraft Shower

Discussion in 'Bushcraft It Yourself' started by Shady, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Shady

    Shady Extremely Talkative

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    There are various ways of doing this, the US army in vietnam erected wooden structures for the troops to take a shower... however i shall explain now the materials and method to taking a shower in the field....

    You will need:

    A container with a handle one end and tap the other that is fillable
    A fire
    Billy tin or large metal bucket
    A Tree
    Piece of Tarp (optional)


    You boil some water over your fire using the billy tin or bucket
    Simply fill the water container with your hot water.
    You find a suitable tree with thick branches, you place the container on the ground and tie the rope to the handle
    Throw the rope over the thick branch and hoist the container into the air
    Tie off the rope around the tree (or peg it down with a tent peg)
    Optional* Place a bit of tarp under the container
    Stand under the "shower", reach up and open the tap
    Enjoy !!!!
  2. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member Site Donor

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    if you use a black container or wrap the container you have in a black bin bag and leave in the sunlight durring the day the water will be warm enought to have a shower ....
  3. Cavatina

    Cavatina Extremely Talkative

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    If you fill a container with water then wrap a couple of towels around the container. Keep soaking the towels repeatedly, allowing the sun to dry them out until you end up with a container full of bloody freezing water. That should keep Matt happy as he loves a cold shower, apparently.