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fire steel,s

Discussion in 'Survival Skills' started by Matt, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member Site Donor

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    in this day and age most people carry lighters/matches..(i do)...
    but there are a few things that you should carry just in case
    2011-10-01 11.20.34.jpg

    a good thing to have in you kit is a few lengths of old car/bike inertube......as when you are in damp conditions this will help you start a good fire (as it burns long enough to dry out any kindling that may be damp ......


    i also carry a flint striker (incase matches get wet or the lighter runs out of with this bit off kit and your knife and a bit off birch-bark you can easily start a fire.....

    2011-10-01 11.19.42.jpg 2011-10-01 11.19.53.jpg 2011-10-01 11.20.14.jpg

  2. elliott92

    elliott92 Very Addicted

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    starting a fire with a fire steel is 10 times more rewarding as well