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Free Survival kit

Discussion in 'Kit Chat' started by stephenjames213, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. stephenjames213

    stephenjames213 Technical Support

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    After some search of the net i have found a survival kit for people that cost £00000 and no pence all free of charge,, the only thing is you need to work to get it by doing what humans do best collect and scab, this is a kit made by Rick Tscherne and like it to be shared around so people thats cash straped need not worry ...

    IMPROVISED CAMPING & COOKING KIT - The frying pan you see there is made out of a large tuna can with a "snap on & off" thick cut up wire coat hanger. The tin can cup with the handle is also a "snap on & off" wire coat hanger too as well as the big "bucket" can there too. All these items are..easy to find - easy to make, it's that simple.

    IMPROVISED CANTEEN / WATER CONTAINERS - Besides finding and using zip-lock sandwhich bags and condoms (NEW ones - NOT used condoms) that you can easily use too. You can use almost any old reusual plastic water bottle and a tin can too as a cup so you can easily carry it around your neck with some tie-down. Oh, and somethng else that I found in a dumpster that's really cool to use are those "Munster Energy Drink" cans made out of aluminum with an aluminum screw on & off cap. Yea, I can't believe these are "toss aways." I imagine you can find a lot of these behind some gymns in a dumper. They make great water containers, all you have to do is add some tie-down so you can carry it around your neck and you're good to go.

    IMPROVISED PORTABLE LANTERN, HEATER & STOVE - All made out of aluminum soda cans, some tape and some cloth. But..what's extrememly important is that you use NON-vaper / NON-combustable fuel. In other words do NOT use gasoline nor that Coleman lantern & stove fuel but instead either some Zippo lighter fluid or BBQ lighter fluid. How do you make these coke can lanterns, heaters & stoves? Just Google: How to make a coke can stove & lantern.

    IMPROVISED GENERAL DIRECTION COMPASS - All you need are either some thin narrow nails, pins, sewing needles and some thin wire (copper prefered if possibe), some cork (or wood will do too), a small battery (dosn't have to be new nor fully charged, just have some power left in it), and a plastic or paper cup. To make a compass out of these items simply wrap the wire entirely around the nail, pin or sewing needle for about a minute or until the battery or wire starts to get a bit warm, remove the wire, from the nail or needle, fill the cup with some water, place the nail or needle on the cork or a piece of wood and PRESTO - You got yourself a general direction compass.

    IMPROVISED FIRE STARTER & TINDER - There are several types in the photo, regular old paper matches and strike anywhere wood matches. And then there is the BIC lighters you see there that were thrown due to not containing any more gas. And to make them into something like those "Spark-Lite" fire starers, just remove the top covering so the flint striker wheel is more exposed and so you can get the spark down lower to the tinder to ignite it. And if you cut the bottom of these BICs lighter off, you can store quite a bit of cotten balls in the bottom. Oops, an old pencil sharpen that I found in the trash can too can be used to make "paper thin thinder" for quick fire starting.

    IMPROVISED FISH & SNARE KIT - Made out of and contains sewing pins, sewing needles, safety pins, cut up aluminum coke cans & pull tabs, nylon string, dental floss, wire, etc. Which the pins can be made into fishing hooks, the coke can aluminum can be cut up and made into fishing lures, the string & dental floss used for fishing line and the wire used for making snare traps.

    IMPROVISED CUTTING TOOLS & KNIVES - The ones you see in the photo I made out of a can-lid top, a broken file saw, a jig saw blade and a window paint cleaner razor blade attached to some cork. Instead of the cork you can use instead some wood and duct tape.

    IMPROVISED RAIN JACKET & RAIN PONCHO - Made out of some trash bags. What's the difference between the two? A trash-bag rain jacket has a hole for your head and two other holes so you can stick your arms out of it. A rain poncho just has a hole for your head and the sides of the trash-bag are cut & open on both sides like one of those Mexican poncho blankets.

    IMPROVISED SHELTER - Made out of some big or good size trash-bags or plastic. Doesn't matter what kind of tie-down you're able to find & use but it does matter how you attach it to the plastic. Which is by placing a very small, smooth, round rock on the corners of the plastic and in some other places too (if needed) and then wrap the tie-down around the small rock on the outside of the plastic. Don't and never try to make a hole in the plastic to add any tie down or the plastic shelter will eventually rip and come apart.

    IMPROVISE SIGNAL DEVICES - What you see in the photo are some orange/bright orange cloth, but red will do too so all you have to do is wave it to get someone's attention along with an improvised signal device made from an old or broken mirrow, tin can lid, aluminum foil, CD, etc.

    IMPROVISED WATER FILTER & PURIFICATION KIT - The water filters in the photo here are both, some regular cloth and some coffee drip paper filters too. To purify the water for safe consumption, boil it for at least 7 x minutes or use Clorex Bleach NON-scented type and then add 4 x drops per every quart of water.

    IMPROVISED NITE-TIME LIGHT SOURCE (Besides a fire) - What you see here in the photo is not only some old, used, birthday & church candles but some lanterns made out of several small plastic "whiskey bottles" and some cloth ran through some rolled up aluminum that was cut from a coke can so the heat won't melt the plastic bottle rim. But..once again...what's extrememly important is that you use NON-vaper / NON-combustable fuel. In other words do NOT use gasoline nor that Coleman lantern nor stove fuel. But instead use either some Zippo lighter fluid or BBQ lighter fluid.

    IMPROVISE WEAPON KIT - What I was able to find & gather was a bunch of thick rubber bands, some nails of different sizes, tape, cord, etc so you can easily make a bow & arrow, slingshot, throwing star, etc.

    so guys lets all go dumpster diving :p
  2. elliott92

    elliott92 Very Addicted

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    thats epic!
  3. Gazo

    Gazo Administrator Staff Member Site Donor

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    Nice one nothing like making your own kit if you can, good post mate.
  4. Ian

    Ian Site Manager Staff Member

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    Very interesting, sounds like urban survival:D
  5. HillBill

    HillBill Very Addicted Site Donor

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    Looks a useful survival kit too. Better than those junk in a tin kits you can get.