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Introduction & Be Prepared

Discussion in 'First Aid' started by stephenjames213, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. stephenjames213

    stephenjames213 Technical Support

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    Virtually every aspect of handling and administering First-Aid to injuries and illness
    While on Bushcraft/camping events is totally different from what you would expect
    in a city / urban environment.
    The remoteness from “civilization”, lack of medical assistance, difficulties of having
    To deal / handle serious injuries on your own this can be very daunting even for the
    most experienced .
    While standard First-Aid classes can help to provide basic introduction on helping
    Injured individuals. It would be advised that you or at least one person in your group
    Of Bushy’s / campers or backpackers are trained in a more in depth manner of First-Aid.
    There are courses such as , Wilderness First-Aid where you will learn more vital steps
    And information on helping injured persons.

    While taking a trip in to the bush or any sort of remote areas I would mandate

    That carrying a First-Aid kit would solve most horrible things that could happen.

    As the great “Cliff Jacobson” once said the most important piece of equipment
    is not “things” it’s the “ information between one’s ears.”

    To chose the best items for your First-Aid kit, anticipate the most likely events
    That may occur and only pack items you know how to use. Consider weight,
    Coast, size, and the availability of the items. Always take in to consideration
    How many are in your party, how long your going for, and the risk that could