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kit bag.............

Discussion in 'Kit Chat' started by Matt, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member Site Donor

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    the type of kit bag you will need depends on how long you plan on staying out in the wilds.....
    i would recomend an ex army burgan.... camo120ltr.jpg

    after you have decided how long/and what weather you likely to be in you can make a choise on your kit bag.....
    i would go for a 100ltr rucksack as the uk.s weather is unpredictable at best and you may need to carry spare sets of dry clothes/wet weather gear

    when you are packing your gear into the bag first line the kitbag with a stirdy binliner(black bag) ....even thou some kit bags are ment to be 100% water proof..i wouldnt rely on it as the last thing you need is to get to camp after walking in the rain to find all your spare clothes wet threw......

    whilste packing the bag you need to packit in an order so that when you get to camp the kit you will need first will be on the top as you dont want to have to empty your kit bag out on the wet ground to get something in the bottom off the bag......(trust me ive done it)​
  2. kwakamonkey

    kwakamonkey Quite Talkative

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    i also have a huge bergan but a berghaus crusader . used it when doing the west higland way . i used to use another 100ltr one that had side pockets . that was handy if you put items you would need out a lot in the side pockets i,e stove and mess tins or first aid pack .