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old camping/bushy trips

Discussion in 'The Campfire' started by Matt, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member Site Donor

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    so guys have you got any tails you can tell of old camping/bushy trips? .....
  2. elliott92

    elliott92 Very Addicted

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    i remember my first time camping with my dad, i was only 8. we were fishing on the thames (first time fishing too). i woke up in the morning before him, got out the tent and went to feed the ducks... i ended up getting chased by geese after my bread and ran back into the tent screaming hahaha. embarrassing times
  3. fishingwalkies

    fishingwalkies Slightly Addicted

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    Not so much an interesting story of bushcraft but its a situation that will always stick with me and I will always learn from and look out for on every trip in a similar situation:-

    I had a weekend with my son and best mate, fairly mild time of year, dry weekend forecast, and my son was probably only 5 years old!......he is well versed by this age in making fire as most of you will know I am a bit of a fire "freak"......so he has been brought up in the art of making fire!.....the weekend was going well until the Saturday night which was forecasting high winds, not so much of a problem as the bashas were set at a height of about 800mm, and only had one end open, the fire was strong and warm, and with it being a tiring day we set to go to bed at about 10pm.........my son and mate were asleep and I was still awake and constantly checking weather!!!!!!!! the wood we were in was a tall broad leafed woodland and the winds were making mincemeat out of the trees, a few loud creaks and cracks!!!! were keeping me on edge, especially when the tree in question was blowing straight down toward mine and my sons basha!!!!!...............now usually in a situation like this it is all about personal survival, but on this occasion it was about a survival plan for myself and my son, last thing I wanted to do was wake him and drag him away from a fire/shelter/comfort for no reason!!!!! but I didnt want to put him in danger.........so the survival instinct was somewhat clouded and more dificult to assess!!!!! I had formulated all sorts of plans for a sharp "sleeping bag drag" out of the basha to get away from the falling tree, but risked leaving ,my mate behind.........so stayed awake all night coming up with scenario after scenario to protect everyone there!!!!...........................I must say it was a very strange situation to be in and one that now see's me looking at all the area around me for falling objects should the situation arise again!!!................needless to say, it was a good weekend and one I will never forget,