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picked up a few bits in America and back home

Discussion in 'Kit Chat' started by elliott92, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. elliott92

    elliott92 Very Addicted

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    managed to find a few bits in wallmart in the states...

    402.jpg 407.jpg 405.jpg 401.jpg 408.jpg 409.jpg

    1) a small folding blade, cheap, flimsy and poor quality, but for only $1 each i thought i'd buy 2.
    2/3) quite a handy little folding cutlery set. only cost $3.50
    4) small waterproof case, fits my phone and camera in nicely. cost $6.00
    5/6) another small folder, quite good to be fair, sharp and well made. and a bargain at %$7.00

    wallmart had loads of other bits and pieces like this, all to be had for pretty cheap.

    next is what the other half got me for my birthday...

    410.jpg 412.jpg 415.jpg 413.jpg 416.jpg 417.jpg 418.jpg

    1) your standard swiss army knife.
    2) a snugpak response pouch, very handy little bag, well made and can be kept on your belt.
    3/4) crusader cup and bottle.
    5/6/7) the karesuando boar/fire combo. reviews on the net said that the knife was good, but some said the finish quality was of poor standard. well the standard of this one came out perfect. a very nice little nice. about 90% sharp out of the box so i will put a finer edge on it later. but in all im very happy with it.

    these were brought from http://www.thebushcraftstore.co.uk/. apparently they were very good to deal with and delivery time was quick ;)
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2012
  2. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member Site Donor

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    a few nice bits of kit you got there......