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Discussion in 'Bushcraft Chat' started by Keith 66, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. Keith 66

    Keith 66 Slightly Talkative

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    I was wondering if anyone else on here ever got into slinging? When i was at college back in the ;late 70's a mate from the Scilly isles taught me how to use a sling & me & a bunch of mates got quite into it.
    I still have one & use it occasionally, about a yard long with a leather pouch in the middle, capable of casting a hens egg sized rock well over a hundred yards.
    I busted a large window at a considerable range once by accident & it was both one of the scariest & funniest experiences of my life. Any one else on here ever used one?
  2. Gazo

    Gazo Administrator Staff Member Site Donor

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    I was always making catapults as a kid. used to spend hours walking around the woods looking for the perfect Y branch.
    Get loads of elastic bands from the postman and a bit of leather from the tongue of an old boot, we would then collect loads of iron ore from the railway tracks.
    If you made it right these things would do some damage.
    Was only thinking about it the other day and would love to build another one. :)