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Some of the wildlife to see in the Uk pt2

Discussion in 'Wildlife' started by stephenjames213, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. stephenjames213

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    There are six species of british deer but only two are native to the land the red and roe.

    muntjae deer.jpg
    · Fallow.
    · Roe.
    · Chinese water.
    chinese water deer.jpg
    · Sika.
    sika deer 2.jpg sika deer.jpg
    · Muntjae.
    muntjae deer2.jpg muntjae deer.jpg


    A fox is body is around : 56cm-77cm long, the tail is 28cm-49-cm long , ground to shoulders :35cm-40cm. They have a pointed nose, with a big bushy tail, reddish-brown in colour. Males tend to weigh around 15% more then a female(vixen). They live in a group of, one dog fox, a dominant vixen + six other female.
    dog fox.jpg vixen.jpg


    They are the only animal native to Britain with spikes, they can get as big as :15cm-32cm long, weigh anything up to 2kg they are more heavier during autumn, when they put on more fat to survive the winter. Hedgehogs tend to live for around 10 years in the wild, but most only tend to survive 2-4 winters due to human and natures cruelty.


    There are two types of hair in the uk.
    · Mountain hare, which is the native one only living in heather moor land in north England and Scotland , also known as the artic hare as it turns white during the winter.
    · Brown hare, common in most parts of the region’s of the uk, the brown hare is bigger than a rabbit.
    · Both mountain and brown can weigh 3-4kg and reach lengths of up to 52cm-60cm,they can run up to speeds as 40-45mph to avoid predators.
    hare.jpg hare2.jpg


    A rabbit is smaller then a hare ,has s short tail, they have long legs and small ears, when a rabbit runs it holds it’s tail high to show the under side of it’s tail.
    · Rabbits wan weigh up to 2kg and can grow to lengths od 40cm.
    · Rabbits will be found any area they can burrow, however the most suitable areas are hedgerows that lead on to woodlands, fields where there runs link to areas where food supplies are high.