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Steves must have bushy/camping survivors kit list

Discussion in 'Kit Chat' started by stephenjames213, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. stephenjames213

    stephenjames213 Technical Support

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    Me my self think this kit list would prove to aid you more then the rubbish sold on the
    open market ,,,What you are paying for when buying kits made for you is the name on
    tin so to say,,, i have put a list together my self and if you want to pay me £35 for it feel
    free to do so pmsl,,

    Emergency Whistle
    Fire starter & Cotton balls
    Waterproof matches
    Cat gut
    Double head Razer
    Pencil & Mini notepad
    Wire saw
    Fish hooks
    4lb dry sack to carry it all in
    Grip seal bags for all your small bits so you don't get lose stuff every where
    Para cord 550 bracelet
    Mini fluid button compass
    Mini rubber torch
    Super glue
    needle and thread

    This is a kit i would have on my person at all times when out on bushcrafts/camping ,,
    some will say but we got most of that in the car or tent etc but if the shit hits the fan like hell you will run around
    thinking oh my knife is there and my matches or fire sticks there ,you get my drift? this is a must have and will fit
    your belt or over your shoulder .......I can tell you know as i stated once at the top! all this will be cheaper then a
    high street kit plus you get more for your money and not 6-7 items in a backie tin.........

    coming soon to a forum near you //this kit is copyright and owned by stephen james ,, so selling this same kit can get you in trouble with the law
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