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The Hexi Stove

Discussion in 'Stoves' started by Shady, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Shady

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    The stove that i use when out on my own to make a brew is the Hexamine stove, it is compact and light and with the addition of the Shady Windproofer (see DIY section) can be a very useful piece of kit... it comes in a variety of colours and materials, however the design is the same. My first use of one of these was during my time in the army when we were issued a standard ration pack whilst doing an excersise near to Snowdon in the middle of January (it was freezing), i pulled out the hexistove along with my fellow platoon and found that four small solid fuel tablets would burn for around 5-10 minutes, just enough to boil some water to make a refreshing drink!! The water we used was from a spring, purified and then boiled, then the "Lemon" flavour of the purification tablet wasn't too bad on my taste buds when added to the nasty tea bag they issue you with (i am allergic to tea, so spent an hour being sick!!)

    The hexi stove has it's place amongst the most useful pieces of kit available, hence why the UK military issue them! For back packing, survival and bushcraft they are extremely useful... for taking a weeks holiday on a campsite they are expensive to run and not as practical as a gas burner!