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the stupidist way to start a fire

Discussion in 'Survival Skills' started by Shady, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Shady

    Shady Extremely Talkative

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    Scenario: You are driving along a deserted country lane in the dead of the night when you run out of petrol, or break down, it is cold and wet... you sit in the car for a hour because your mobile phone has no signal....

    What you do.... You root around in your boot (the space at the back of the car) to find some jump leads, you then find some tinder and wood to burn. You proceed to open the bonnet and connect the cables to the battery, taking care you find a piece of cloth and gently dip it into the fuel tank to get a bit of petrol residue to ignite.... then you put the cloth between the positive and negative ends of the cable until **SPARK** thats right, the ends spark, ingiting the cloth enabling you to start a fire......

    Whilst you do all of that, i sit in the car and push the cigarette lighter in and wait for 2 mins keeping dry, then i light a cloth to burn :D