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uses of a machete/parange

Discussion in 'Bushcraft Tools' started by stephenjames213, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. stephenjames213

    stephenjames213 Technical Support

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    I find light machetes perform best on soft green wood while the heavier machete is good for hard wood.
    on Getting to and picking your camp , you can use the machete to Clear the campsite and Harvest the materials to make shelters by chopping vines ,sticks etc, also can be used to strike sparks for fire lighting and scraping wood to make tinder also ideal for splitting wood ,this saves carrying a Axe around to, very good for making friction fire and trap parts.. very good tool for gathering edible plans, roots. when you catch your self a rabbit can use it to butcher and not damage you knives with all the chopping.

    just a couple of uses for the machetes/parange
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  2. m00thman

    m00thman Extremely Talkative

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    I don't have much experience with machetes. I only used one. It was a brazilian one. A Tramontina (with a 15 inch blade, if I remember well). Anyway, awsome blade for the money. Very inexpensive considering what you can do with it. In UK monetary unit ~ 6.5 £. It can take a lot of abuse. You can do almost everything you can do with a big knife. Even batoning. So, yes, a machete is very useful if you don't mind the extra weight (btw, this model dosen't have a sheath, and this might be a problem).

    Well, I found it. Here it is: http://marelepescar.ro/images/detailed/4/112988982464d6b9d46cefa2.jpg