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Whats in your bag?

Discussion in 'Kit Chat' started by stephenjames213, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. stephenjames213

    stephenjames213 Technical Support

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    Come on then guys when out camping/bushy what do you take ?
    If we all put up our full kit we can see what each of us takes and maybe help each other out....
    i will start us off:

    Basha (when going light)
    Camp bed(unless i can make one)
    Roll mat
    Bed roll
    Army flask with cup
    Billy tins
    x2 spare clothes
    Army boots/DM'S
    Strong twine
    Para cord
    x2 Small Torches
    X2 Hats
    Pad and Pencil
    Gortex bivvy bag
    Fire lighting kit
    120ltr Bergen
    Staple add ins for food

    thats all i can think of at this time that i take , will add what i have forgot if i remember...
  2. Leif

    Leif Extremely Talkative

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    This list is designed to be built upon – spare clothing and such to be added dependant in climate, season and duration.

    Packing List Bergen
    Lid (inner/outer). – Wash kit – toilet paper – note book – housewife – cylumes - radio
    L/Side pocket – Rations including plate and kfs. Folding cup, Double Hunter on belt complete with possibles pouch (First Aid, Space Blanket)
    R/Side pocket – Hexi, DDR Mess kit, .5L Flask
    Rear waterbottle pouch – 58 pattern bottle
    Main Sack – warm jacket, Folding Mat, Sleeping bag, Polish tent.
    Daysack 35litre snugpak – 58 pattern bottle – crusader cup and stove, saw, Poncho, Possibles Bag (orange dry bag – Axe stone, Cordage, Matches, Puritabs, 10 tea candles, Marker panel,) Wooden kuksa,
    Outside sack – Axe/hatchet/tomahawk (if not carried)
    Carry on person
    M65 pockets – Snood, gloves, para cord, spoon, sweeteners, small folding cup
    Trouser pockets – lighter/blade tech/whistle/fire steel, bandana – swiss army knife
    Belt – Double hunter, possibles pouch
  3. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member Site Donor

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    what flavor trifle do you take mate :p...and has it got 100s&1000s on it ???.just kidding guys couldnt resist...
  4. Leif

    Leif Extremely Talkative

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    ya I thought trifle was a strange thing - I guess he meant rifle??
  5. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member Site Donor

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    yea im sure it was but i had to have a laugh:D....

    good kit list you got the leif....
  6. Leif

    Leif Extremely Talkative

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    Cheers mate - its refind over the years to meet my needs - has everything I need!! EXCEPT TRIFLE!! :(
  7. stephenjames213

    stephenjames213 Technical Support

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    will give you pair trifle !
  8. stephenjames213

    stephenjames213 Technical Support

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    well the trifle is black passion with chrome trimmings and lead dust toping and packed with plenty of .22
  9. Ian

    Ian Site Manager Staff Member

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    I'm still getting my kit together but this is giving me some good ideas, thanks:)
  10. Gazo

    Gazo Administrator Staff Member Site Donor

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    Will let you know when I get a bag

    But upto now I have

    3m x 3m DD Tarp
    bed roll
    roll mat
    DPM army poncho
    folding saw
    Mora Knife
    Army Machete
    1 small and 1 med LED torches
    small LED tent light (home made)
    fire steel
    paracord 30m
    soft strong cord 50m
    small trowel
    mess tins
    SS mug type thingy :)
    Alley water bottle
    Army plastic water bottle that fits inside my mug thingy
    basic first aid kit
    small mirror
    Fishing kit (if needed)

    And of course things like food bog roll etc
    oh and lots of sachet of brown and red sauce from the local cafe :)

    Think thats it might have missed a few things
  11. Kernowek Scouser

    Kernowek Scouser Quite Addicted Site Donor

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    As I only really had a few goes at wild camping towards the end of summer / autumn last year and was hiking between in campsites the rest of the time, I'd say a lot of my kit is more geared to campsite camping. This is what I took with me...

    ... I hope you are sitting comfortably, it is a rather long list

    Rucksac: Gelert Core 85 + 10
    Main compartment:
    Trangia 27 UL (with a fire steel, windproof matches and lighter inside the kettle)
    Gelert Solo tent
    Gelert ultralite self inflating mat (with a Poundland inflatable pillow and Mountain Warehouse sit mat rolled inside)
    Halfords fleece blanket
    Mountain Warehouse Swedish mess kit copy (with tea bags, coffee, powdered milk, sweeteners, 2 x plastic spork, folding metal spork and G I can opener inside)
    Made up tent accessory kit (plastic mallet, peg puller, spare guy lines & runners, paracord, 10 spare pegs, elastic bands, a thin roll of gaffer tape, repair patches and seam sealer - sounds a lot but actually bit it all wrapped up small)
    Poundland collapsible, reusable water carrier 10L
    Poundland plate, cup and bowl
    Poundland emergency shelter
    Mountain Warehouse collapsible wash bowl 10L (with Life Venture clothes line inside)
    Made up Wash Kit, Poundland wash bag, Life Venture soap leaves, shampoo leaves, dry wash and fabric wash, BCB folding toothbrush, single blade disposable razor, mini toothpaste and mini deodorant.
    Spare clothes, usually pants, microfleece, short sleeve quick dry shirt, 2 x technical T shirt, 2 x long legged boxers, 2 x hiking socks, 1 pair of thick thermal socks (which I used to walk about in, in camp) thermal long johns and top.
    Several Poundland kit bags
    Food on the go, cupasoups, pasta snacks, super noodles, chocolate, chewy bars, mints
    Water bladder 3L
    Lid Outer
    Hi-Viz rain cover
    Gelert Emergency Poncho
    Poundland Emergency blanket
    Poundland light sticks x 2
    First Aid Kit (Poundland pouch and contents plus scissors, micro porous tape, blister stick and plasters, field dressing and safety pins, savlon, paracetamol and multi vitamins)
    Bog roll and wet wipes
    Lid Inner
    Maps and a waterproof case
    Flat magnifying compass
    Note pad and water proof pencil
    Odd bits of paper I tend to pick up along the way
    Right Bellows Pocket
    Large Trangia fuel bottle
    Hexi stove
    Hexi Tabs
    Small folding shovel
    Left Bellows Pocket
    Turbo Jet Lighter
    Krypton lamp
    Made up survival pouch, Poundland fishing gear pouch, Poundland fishing kit, BCB sewing kit, spare fire steel, Poundland survival whistle (whistle, compass, signalling mirror, dry compartment for more windproof matches) Poundland Swiss Army knife copy, small LED torch, tea light candles, Poundland light sticks x 2, BCB wire saw
    Lidl lensatic compass
    Wind up torch
    Bottom Compartment
    Gelert Tryfan sleeping bag
    Mountain Warehouse microfibre towel
    Top Loops
    Waterproof jacket (with gloves, a head tube and a hat in the pockets)
    Bottom Loops
    Windproof fleece

    It isn't over yet!

    I also had a Day sack, a Mountain Warehouse 10L bike bag, strapped to the rucksack (for when I staying at one site for a couple of days and popped out for a wander) and in the day sack I had:
    Water bladder 1L
    Packable waterproof trousers and jacket
    Another first aid kit
    Another emergency blanket
    Another emergency shelter
    Another survival whistle
    Another Swiss army style knife
    Another small LED torch
    More light sticks
    A couple of kit bags
    And some snacks for on the go.

    Nearly there!

    On my person, I had a slightly fancier survival whistle (which had the same as the Poundland ones, plus a built in light, thermometer and magnifying glass) a proper Swiss army knife and a couple of waterproof idiot pouches to put my phone, wallet and keys in.

    All of the above might sound like a lot, but there was actually quite a bit of room to spare in both bags (although not quite enough room for the kitchen sink) and I've probably forgot stuff too.

    This year I intend to camp out in the wild a lot more, so I'm in the process of cutting the amount of kit and refining the type of kit, I take out with me.

    It's been fun so far :D
  12. Rob

    Rob Very Addicted

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    Good kit list, ya really going ta carry all that, ya forgot the kitchen sink :)